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Environmental Protection

One of Jim Wilmer & Sons’ main objectives is to make minimal impact to the environment. All of our operators are trained with how to follow our Forest & Water Guidelines and Nature Conservation Guidelines.

  • Watercourses

When crossing watercourses in the forest, we correctly construct bridges with produce and branches to avoid contamination. Hay bales and teram are used to filter the water if necessary.

  • Soil Conservation

We also try our upmost to make as little impact to the soil as we possibly can. On sensitive sites we choose to use some of our specialist lightweight machines with floatation tyres and tracks to minimise ground pressure.  All saw chain lubrication oil used is bio-degradable. 
  • Pollution

We treat pollution very also serious.  We have a zero tolerance on litter.  Every machine has an on-board spillage kit and all site safes are equipped with an intensive spillage kit to combat the risk of any fuel or oil spillages. We also keep a fully stocked container sitting on stand-by at our workshop premises in Dailly for any pollution emergencies.


If you have any questions, anything at all we are here to help.

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