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  • Top quality harvesting & Forwarding
We at Jim Wilmer & Sons work very hard to ensure our harvesting sites are run as efficient as possible.  Our two site harvesting managers as well as Jim Wilmer, go round each site to ensure quality and target levels are being reached.  We pride ourselves on the presentation of our harvesting sites and always meet deadlines such as orders for boats and demand of product sizes for our customers.
  • Minimum environmental impact
During site operations a close eye is kept on our impact on the environment.  Water courses are filtered where necessary and SEPA guidelines are followed if any unlikely fuel / oil spillages occur.  This is monitored by our operators and site harvesting manager
  • A machine to suit every site

Within our fleet of machines, we have a wide range to suit every aspect of timber harvesting.  We have light weight machines to suit soft ground to “hill-climber” harvesters and “counter-balance bogie system forwarders” to suit steep slopes.  We also have excavator based harvesters which we believe work most effectively in wind blow areas. 

  • Crop optimization

All of our harvesters run the latest computer software available with fully operational optimising programs to ensure correct crop productivity.  Our operators are fully trained to use them and set them up to their maximum capability. 

  • Accuracy & Calibration 

All operators carry out daily length and diameter checks to ensure accurate measuring according to the provided specification sheets.  Calibration is then carried out if required.

  • Health & Safety

All staff complete site risk assessments before work commences on any new site and are trained with our company policy & procedure manual on induction to the company.  This covers topics such as; lone working procedures, emergency contact numbers, AFAG checklists & guidelines and many more.  Every employee at Jim Wilmer & Sons is fully trained in first aid.  Our company employs the services of RBS Mentor to provide us with staff training and advice on health & safety matters and updates as well employment law. 


If you have any questions, anything at all we are here to help.

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